True or False: It's Time to Buy Bitcoin

Coins used to sit in our pockets. Today, coins are making millionaires out of pizza boys and broke rappers. So what's the deal? What's going on?


Fear not. We're here to help you sound informed at dinner parties. 

In a nutshell... Cryptocurrency is internet-based, data-based currency that solves problems of "regular" money and centralized banking. These include... security, privacy, forgery, double-spending, centralized control, risks of inflation and manipulation and so on.

Traditionally, central banks validate transactions. But with crypto the power is distributed. Everyone on the network has a copy and automatically validates all of the transactions together. Basically, crypto replace intermediaries with mathematics.

Crypto is Here to Stay

Paper currencies are on their way out.  It's simply a natural evolution of money.  And part of a 3,000-year-old historical evolution of money --- from barter... to precious metals... to government-controlled currencies... to where we are today. 

And crypto is here to stay.

And right now is only the beginning. No matter how late you think you are to the game, this is just the beginning


Bitcoin Has Bottomed 

Analysts are saying that Bitcoin has likely bottomed, and will resume upward trend. 

And looks like Bitcoin is headed to $22,000 per coin.

In other words...

If you buy $2000 of BTC today, in 10 years it will be worth $250,000

There are even predictions of bitcoin hitting $50,000 by 2020… $100,000 by 2025… or even $1 million by 2034. Sound impossible? It's not. The sky's the limit. 

Bitcoin is almost to computers what quantum mechanics is to physics.” - Naval Ravikant

What to Do:

  1. Go sign up for a account at or 

  2. Get started today and buy $100 of BTC


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